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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Simple Little Use Case for `vmin`

Viewport units are things like 10vw (10% of the viewport width) or 2vh (2% of the viewport height). Useful sometimes, as they are always relative to the viewport. No cascading or influence by parent elements.

There is also vmin, which is the lesser of vw and vh, and vmax, which is the greater. These values can be used for anything that takes a length value, just like px or em or % or whatever.

Let’s take a look at a … Read article “Simple Little Use Case for `vmin`”


Blue Flavor Header Design Technique

Headers are an important factor in web design, they can either make or break a design. Since web 2.0, we have seen many design trends and one of the most groundbreaking is the big header. However, headers have remained boxy throughout.

Blueflavor, a mobile design website, has bucked this trend with something I have yet to see elsewhere and does not require great CSS skills to create.

As you can see they have the menu and start of the … Read article “Blue Flavor Header Design Technique”