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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Google Fonts Redesign


Instant Loading: Building Offline-First Progressive Web Apps


Progressive Web Apps: The Long Game

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Learning to Use Google Analytics More Effectively at CodePen

Here’s how most people use Google Analytics: you copy and paste the default tracking snippet into your templates. Look at the pageview data that comes in. That’s all good, but that isn’t the most useful analytics for many sites. Google Analytics can track just about anything. It’s very flexible and very powerful. Philip Walton and I co-wrote this article to show you how to do some custom GA stuff to help you collect data you maybe didn’t know you could Read article “Learning to Use Google Analytics More Effectively at CodePen”


Taking AMP for a Spin

The following is a guest post by David Attard of DART Creations. David is going to introduce us to AMP (no idea what that is? read on) as well as how you might go about converting an existing site to an AMP site. Hint: it’s for big performance gains. AMP is becoming quite a thing. WordPress is doing it. I’ve got Google telling me to do it and that Analytics supports it.Read article “Taking AMP for a Spin”