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The Browser Statistics That Matter

Have you ever had a web development related conversation discussion where someone brought up global browser usage statistics? I might be a little weird, but I’d say I at least overhear a conversation like just about every day:

I’d love to use FANCY NEW FEATURE, but it’s not supported SOME BROWSER (probably old Internet Explorer) and GLOBAL MARKET SHARE of it is still 7.62%

Good on ya for considering the spectrum of browser usage on your web site. But there … Read article “The Browser Statistics That Matter”


Browserslist is a Good Idea

As front-end developers, we’re well aware that different browsers (and versions) support different web platform features. We make choices based on the support of those features balanced with what analytics tell us about what browsers our users use. For example, if our Google Analytics tell us only 0.01% of users are left on IE 9, perhaps we’ll decide it’s OK to start using Flexbox and .classList.… Read article “Browserslist is a Good Idea”