The Ninth Fourth

Another year! They tick by all-too-quickly these days. It's time for another commemorative post, as we do. A state of the union. A mile-marker style post where I talk about the year gone by and where things stand 'round here.


Happy Fourth!

A little fireworks display

Today is America's birthday and also (more importantly) the birthday of CSS-Tricks, which turns 3 today. If it was a human being, that means it would be starting to string together sentences of five words or more, socializing well with others, and not wetting himself most nights. I guess it still has some work to do.


2-Year Anniversary GIVEAWAY

Happy Fourth of July all! A lovely day filled with fireworks and usually a day off of work (in the US, anyway). It's also the anniversary of CSS-Tricks. It's been two years now. It actually feels like it's been longer than that sometimes, just because of how far the site and myself have come. Last year we didn't do anything special, but I thought this year we'd kick it up a notch and celebrate a little harder. That's right, it's giveaway time!

Check out the prizes below. If you want to enter, the only requirement is to fill out this survey. (Notice the form is a Wufoo form, one of the prizes!). Winners will be picked totally at random. Of course provide your real name and real email address on the form so I can reach you if you win.

Today, I am literally on the road in a UHAUL truck moving from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL. Portland is an incredible city, I'm just moving to be a bit closer to family and friends and for a change of scenery. Please forgive me if the posts are light for the next few weeks while I settle in.