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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Building a Scalable CSS Architecture With BEM and Utility Classes

Maintaining a large-scale CSS project is hard. Over the years, we’ve witnessed different approaches aimed at easing the process of writing scalable CSS. In the end, we all try to meet the following two goals:

  1. Efficiency: we want to reduce the time spent thinking about how things should be done and increase the time doing things.
  2. Consistency: we want to make sure all developers are on the same page.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been … Read article “Building a Scalable CSS Architecture With BEM and Utility Classes”


Considerations for Creating a Card Component

Even a simple Card component can be tricky to design an API around. What abstraction are you providing? How much control do you want to give? If you make it too flexible, you aren't providing much value. If you make it to rigid, you also aren't providing much value.

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Domain-Driven Design With React

There is very little guidance on how to organize front-end applications in the world of React. (Just move files around until it “feels right,” lol). The truth is that we can do better. Let’s take a look at one pattern you might consider using to architect your site.

At first, you might split up your code between /components and /containers folders. This works for small sites but you’ll find yourself look for something more robust when scaling to larger sites. … Read article “Domain-Driven Design With React”


CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript Applications


The Many Ways to Include CSS in JavaScript Applications

Welcome to an incredibly controversial topic in the land of front-end development! I’m sure that a majority of you reading this have encountered your fair share of #hotdrama surrounding how CSS should be handled within a JavaScript application.

I want to preface this post with a disclaimer: There is no hard and fast rule that establishes one method of handling CSS in a React, or Vue, or Angular application as superior. Every project is different, and every method has … Read article “The Many Ways to Include CSS in JavaScript Applications”


The 10,000 Year Clock Design Principals


8 simple rules for a robust, scalable CSS architecture