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People Share Their CSS “Ah-ha!” Moments

A few weeks ago I shared my CSS "Ah-ha!" Moment and asked others to share theirs. It was lots of fun hearing what those moments were for people. I wasn't surprised to hear the CSS Zen Garden come up very often, as that was a huge eye-opener for me and countless others I'm sure. I was surprised to hear how many people specifically brought up floats. I'm thinking about doing an in-depth article on that, since I don't think I ever have.

"...realizing you could style the contents of a box differently to the rest of the page" - Rob Lang

"Must have been in 2002 or 2003, I think. I saw the power of CSS and it's awesome possibilities in the CSS Zen Garden." - Oliver

"My CSS 'Ah-Ha!', as simple as it might sound, came from understanding that the BROWSER applies IT'S style first and so any CSS you are applying will essentially override those rules" - David Huntley

"Mine was first time I installed Firebug ..." - Francisco


The CSS “Ah-ha!” Moment

I think it's different for everyone. That moment while you are beginner with CSS when something clicks. You just start to get it. That is your CSS "Ah-ha!" moment. You might not instantly become a CSS master, but from this point forward, there is no going back.