Strangers in the Woods Together

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In the latest episode of ShopTalk, Robyn Kanner told a story of interviewing for a UX job that stuck with me.

They asked her to create a social app for mountain bikers. Talk out how the app might work, sketch out some flows, you know, UX work. Exactly what they were expecting and what I would have done. But then Robyn turned the table on them and asked what they are going to do about saftey. This app is going to allow strangers to connect and meet in the woods together, how can you ensure their safety?

Geez. Seems obvious after she says it, but at the outset of the question it didn’t seem so obvious. At least to a dude like me. As Mike Monterio put it, we’re both big dudes who don’t think twice about getting into a Lyft with strangers, but is top of mind for plenty of others. There are huge blind spots like this that affect our work.

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