Sponsored: Stack – Task Management for Dev Teams

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Stack is a powerful new task management system for Devs and Designers. A simple and fully customizable tool that fits your workflow. Manage projects and communicate with your team hassle free and in real time.

I really like how Stack approaches this. It’s exactly how I would have done it. There are projects – big buckets that tasks go into. Then each project has these columns that you can organize however you want. Each task is actually in a column. Could be different types of tasks or the state the task is in, whatever works. Then each task has it’s own little world of people and conversation and todo’s and stuff, if needed. So I might have a CSS-Tricks account, with a project for The Lodge, that has a column for Videos To Shoot, and each video is a task, and in the task I leave notes on what the plan is. Beautiful.

Free for 30 days, no credit card required to get started. Super simple pricing model after that ($5/month per user).

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