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Stack is what we use here at Team CSS-Tricks to keep organized. Check out our interview over on their site.

There is a lot to keep track of: article ideas, site bugs, site improvement ideas, guest posts, etc. Also business things like invoicing statuses, accounting tasks, and merchandise. Stack allows us to break all those things up into projects. Then each project has tasks, like “Update the Sprites article” or “Order more green T-Shirts” – which get organized by custom status like “to do”, “doing”, and “done”. Each task has notes, checklists, and discussion specific to that task.

The team can be a part of (and get notifications for) whatever projects and tasks are relevant to them. I really like Stack, because it matches how I think about organization. Ongoing projects, tasks-with-statuses, and in-task notes. It’s that three-level system that makes so much sense. It gives you a framework, so it’s not too loose in that regard, but it also doesn’t limit how you want to organize. If I was going to build organizational software, it would probably be just like this. Good thing I don’t have to!

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