Sponsor: Extract for Brackets

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Autocomplete is a pretty excellent feature of code editors, right? It helps us type faster and more accurately, and suggests things that might not immediately come to mind. (Was that white-space: prewrap; or whitespace: pre-wrap; again?)

Extract, a new Creative Cloud feature of the code editor Brackets, makes autocomplete way more powerful. Imagine if you had a specific layer selected in Photoshop, you’re writing some CSS, and the color autocomplete suggested the fill color of that layer. Or the gradient syntax it is filled with. Or how far from the top of the document it is. Extract does all that and more.

With Extract, it gives you all that and more. As you’re putting in a background-image, it will export the current layer as an image and put it wherever that file path is. In HTML, text can autocomplete with the the text from a text layer. Or extract a layer as the src of an <img>.

This is the kind of innovation that pushes the code editing experience forward.

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