Sponsor: Dash – Monitor your Website, Business, & Life

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Dash is a website that lets people quickly create real-time dashboards. There are dozens of pre-built widgets for services like Google Analytics, GitHub, Twitter, and Fitbit. Dash also has an API that allows you to share data from Dropbox or the web with custom widgets like Line Charts, Speedometers, or Do It Yourself (iframe). If you sign up for Dash today, your first dashboard is free forever.

Little note from me here: OMGYOUGUYS Dash is super cool. Number one, building a dashboard from the neat built-in widgets is very easy. I built one for CSS-Tricks in like 2 minutes. Number two, the interface of Dash is amazing. If you’re a UI / interaction designer, you should check it out. The way that the screens stack on top of each other as you go deeper is hot. Number three, you can feed JSON (or just numbers) to custom widgets to build sweet charts and other nice data viz (check out the speedometer). I’m totally going to build a private one for CodePen to visualize some data for us.

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