Some Thursday Reads

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Belén Albeza, “You might not need a CSS framework”:

Regardless of the reasons for using a framework, frameworks might introduce technical debt in your project.

Jen Simmons, “The benefits of learning how to code layouts with CSS”:

The more I use CSS Grid, the more convinced I am that there is no benefit to be had by adding a layer of abstraction over it. CSS Grid is the layout framework. Baked right into the browser.

Ethan Marcotte, “On container queries.”:

Why can’t we apply styles based on the space available to the module we’re designing, rather than looking at the shape of the viewport?

This is, in a nutshell, the disconnect that container queries are trying to address. As our designs become more modular and pattern-driven, the value of media queries has decreased.

Dan Mall, “Cooking with Design Systems”:

Let’s say I run a food truck. I have a small kitchen in said truck, so I need to be judicious in what ingredients I stock. …

Turns out this is also a pretty good model for organizing a design system.

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