Some Nice Recent Snippets

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Chris Coyier on

I am really liking the new snippets area we have going here. I find myself using it all the time, which is exactly why I thought it was worth building. Remember there is an RSS feed just for snippets, which doesn’t come across the main feed. I only mention it because I have yet to integrate a link to it anywhere easily findable on the site… I gotta get to that soon.

I wanted to mention a few nice ones that have been added recently.

  • A friend asked me how to do a half-and-half layout, so I made a left and right version. But then he said he meant top and bottom, so I made that too.
  • While I was working on that post about long dropdown menus, I was learning about mouse position stuff in jQuery, so I posted one about finding x, y coordinates within a given box.
  • In the recent chatroom demo, I had reason to do a little HTML tag stripping in JavaScript. It uses a regular expression to do it.
  • Andrew submitted a cool PHP script to read all the files in the current directory and display a styled table of them along with the relevant information (file type and size)
  • Dan submitted a solution that can help fix weird z-index issues with Internet Explorer. Has both jQuery and MooTools versions.