Some New Icon Sets

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Chris Coyier on

I’ve bookmarked some icon sets lately, partly because I can never find a nice set when I need to. I figured I’d even go the extra mile here and blog them so I can definitely find them later. Aside from being nice, cohesive, and practical sets of icons, I find it interesting that literally all of them:

  • are SVG, and thus easily resizeable
  • are built with rather efficient <path> elements
  • are stroked instead of filled (at least optionally)
  • have a click-to-copy SVG feature on their site
  • are free and open source

Good job, all! Seems like people are coming around to the idea of an SVG icon system where you just… put the SVG in the HTML.

Tabler Icons



hola svg

This one is from Mariana Beldi who recently shared how hand-drawing SVG can be so much more efficient than using an illustration tool.