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Clearleft made a 6-episode Season One

It’s called The Clearleft Podcast if you can believe that. It gets into new (at least to me) concepts like Design Ops and Design Sprints, which are loaded terms and need nuanced discussion. It’s really well-edited, pulling in clips from relevant talks and such. A cut above the hit-record-hit-stop ‘n’ polish podcasts that I typically do.

If you like Jeremy’s soothing radio voice, he also narrated our Web History series.

Syntax on CSS

The fellas (Wes and Scott) do a good job of covering the landscape of CSS in 2020. I particularly like the pragmatism here, as they poo-poo on nothing, but rather attempt to pair many of the approaches the discuss to particular development situations.

They also had Adam Argyle on the show to talk about how things end up in CSS.

Netlify has a podcast now

It’s called Remotely Interesting. You’d think it would be the all-Jamstack-all-the-time show (which I’d totally listen to) but the gang over there tackles broad topics, talking about stuff like blogging, passion, and communication (in addition to Jamstack-y stuff, of course).

Igalia Chats: Web Ecosystem Health

An episode with a very tough discussion about what is good for the web and what isn’t.

Igalia’s Brian Kardell sits down with Jeremy Keith and Stuart Langridge to chat about rendering engine diversity, history and the health of the web browser ecosystem.

Solving Solved Problems

That’s the name of a blog post by Ahmad Nassri that was discussed in an episode of JS Party. It was sweet to hear the backstory of Amal and Ahmad and all the mutual respect there. It’s also valuable to bask in the classic build vs. buy conversations that all software companies need to take seriously.


Dave and I have been extremely consistent, publishing new episodes of ShopTalk Show every Monday. And Marie publishes new CodePen Radio episodes every week as well.