Year Shortcode

For the functions.php file:

function year_shortcode() {
  $year = date('Y');
  return $year;
add_shortcode('year', 'year_shortcode');


Use [year] in your posts.


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    J. DeForest

    Thanks! That code works great!!!

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    Nice, works like a charm. Thanks for sharing this useful tip.

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    Copyright © $starty){echo $starty.’-‘.$nowy;}else{echo $nowy;} }else{ echo date(“Y”);} ?> . All Rights Reserved.

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    Copyright © <?php date_default_timezone_set(PRC); $starty=get_option(‘cwpcg_starty’);
    $nowy=date(“Y”); if(get_option(‘cwpcg_starty’)){ if($nowy>$starty){echo $starty.’-‘.$nowy;}else{echo $nowy;} }else{ echo date(“Y”);} ? > <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ? >. All Rights Reserved.

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    Awesome! Just what I was looking for.

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    If you want to include shortcodes in your widgets, such as [year] in a footer widget for the copyright date, then add this to your functions.php file:

    // Enable shortcodes in text widgets
    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');
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    How could you add the month before the year so that the shortcode returned Month Year?

    That would be rad and I’m stumped.

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      Anthony Hortin
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      You can use any of these characters (below) for formatting your date. So, to include the month, you would replace date('Y'); with date('F Y'); or date('M Y');, depending on whether you want the full textual representation of a month or just the first three letters.

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      Marcus Thackston
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      Got it. That worked great. I wasn’t sure about the syntax and that manual helped for sure. Appreciate it!

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    Justin Mosebach
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    How can I add a shortcode to an Advanced Custom Field?

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    For year range, you could use :

    function year_shortcode() {
        $fromYear = 2017;
        $thisYear = (int)date('Y');
        return $fromYear . (($fromYear != $thisYear) ? '-' . $thisYear : '');
    } add_shortcode('year', 'year_shortcode');
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    Thanks, works really nice! But the shortcode displays the month in English even though I set the site language to Swedish under Settings > General. Is there anyway to change that? I’ve used the following code:

    function year_shortcode() { $year = date(‘F Y’); return $year; } add_shortcode(‘year’, ‘year_shortcode’);

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