Using Custom Fields

Dump out all custom fields as a list

<?php the_meta(); ?>

Display value of one specific custom field

<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'mood', true); ?>

"mood" would be ID value of custom field

Display multiple values of same custom field ID

<?php $songs = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'songs', false); ?>
<h3>This post inspired by:</h3>
	<?php foreach($songs as $song) {
		echo '<li>'.$song.'</li>';
	} ?>

Display custom field only if exists (logic)

    $url = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'snippet-reference-URL', true); 

	if ($url) {
	    echo "<p><a href='$url'>Reference URL</a></p>";

Reference URL


  1. Daniel Groves
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    OMG. This is probably the most useful snippet I have ever come across, the amount of time I have spent in the past trying to remember this!

  2. Jeff Bridgforth
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    Thanks. I was just looking for the “Display custom field only if exists (logic)” today for a project and could not find an example that I could understand how to change for my specific case. This snippet is just what I needed.

  3. Raphael Essoo-Snowdon
    Permalink to comment#

    The logic snippet worked wonderfully for me. Thanks.
    One question though, why haven’t you closed the tag?

  4. JLee
    Permalink to comment#

    Thank you sooooo much! I adore your snippets!

  5. Slate Blank

    Very nice quick and easy reference for custom fields. Thanks a lot!

  6. jaffa
    Permalink to comment#


    These snippets are great. I was wondering if you could help me.

    I am trying to match the title of a page to a custom field and display any posts that match that custom field.

    Total newbie here to both php and wordpress.

    Any help is much appreciated!


  7. Mischell
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    I solved my problem with Custom fields, thanks

  8. Matthew Taylor
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    I like to use the following chunk of code in my custom loops. It has a few advantages:
    I can attach ID’s to each custom key/value pair. I can reorder them any way i feel like it. If i need to change the key name for the custom field I can, and it wont break the old posts.. I can just add another chunk that pull up the new key. Any missing key/value pairs collapse to nothing. No broken layout! If I have a set the should be rendered together if the first value is present I can wrap them in opening and closing divs that only render if the first key exists.

    			&lt?php if ( get_post_meta($post->ID, '01.0 Unit ID', true) ) : ?>
    				&ltdiv id="unitid" class="feature-pair xclearfix">
    					&ltdiv class="feature-label">Unit ID:&lt/div>
    					&ltdiv class="feature-value">
    					&lt?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, '01.0 Unit ID', true) ?>
    			&lt?php endif; ?>
  9. Wayne Hatter
    Permalink to comment#

    Hey Chris,

    I love your code snippets sections. I was wondering…

    How did you style the blocks around the code that you present on your page?


  10. Michele
    Permalink to comment#

    Hi all, this works great but, let’s imagine I have 2 post with the same author:

    Track –>
    IS THIS IT by Author “The strokes”
    REPTILIA by Author “The strokes”

    when I put on Author “The Strokes on 2 (or more) different posts The cycle repeats author 2 (or more) times.

    Is there a Way to put something like this:

    The Strokes:
    ‘is this it’

    Michael Jackson
    ‘Beat it’

    And so on…

    is this possible?

    • Alexxali
      Permalink to comment#

      Could you please show us your code, if you have it? I’ll try to help if I can.

  11. yeBach
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    I don’t know in what fantasy world this snippet would work @ChrisCoyer, but there is a SYNTAX error while outputing the reference url line.

        $url = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'snippet-reference-URL', true); 
        if ($url) {
            echo "<p><a href='$url'>Reference URL</a></p>";


        $url = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'snippet-reference-URL', true); 
        if ($url) {
            echo "<p><a href=' . $url . '>Reference URL</a></p>";
    • Yuvaraj
      Permalink to comment#

      ID, ‘snippet-reference-URL’, true);

      if ($url) {
      echo “Reference URL“;
      you are wrong because double quotes echo append like
      echo “Helllo”.$world.”welcome”;
      don’t use mixed double and single quotes for append

  12. Nick M
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    Would anyone know how to extend the use of WP Custom Fields such as this:

    In my index.php (Blog Feed) I’d like a user with admin privlieges to be able to mark a post as FLAGGED (Turn color red) from the FRONT END. An ideal method would to have a bootstrap glyphicon button (flag) near the post title so that when clicked, the anchor link points to an action URL to update the post meta key ‘flag’ to ‘yes’.

    I plan to use if else statements to toggle this feature.

    My usage is for a VERY basic/simple site. AJAX is not required, I will just redirect the user back to the Front Page after they’ve clicked the action button.

    Let me know if I’m totally off with my approach.

  13. Jo / thedesertecho

    Thank you so much, my template files were leaving all sorts of random custom field text and with this I fixed it just to display what I wanted.

  14. Gal
    Permalink to comment#

    Thanks. Great solution for dealing with multiple Custom Fields. I have few wordpress sites managed by me and i seldom in search of the custom fields functionality…

  15. mark
    Permalink to comment#

    as simple as this is all i need.

    ID, ‘mood’, true); ?>


  16. philip
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    I am so glad to find this site for helping in wordpress,
    So I have a big problem in the custom field which I lost the text format in it and it force me to write my content text inside the custom field in html.
    This problem appeared after I updated from wordpress 3.7.0 to wordpress 4.0 so please help me to fix this problem.
    If you want to see a photo for the problem I can send it to you in attachment.

    Best regards

    Thanks alot

    Philip V.

  17. Sarah Carney
    Permalink to comment#

    Exactly what I needed. <3

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