Remove WP Generator Meta Tag

It can be considered a security risk to make your wordpress version visible and public you should hide it.

Put in functions.php file in your theme:

remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');


  1. S
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    this so doesn’t work.

  2. Metin
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    It works fine for me. Thanks Chris.
    Btw, for those who are obsessed with high level of security, this plugin could be of some help.

    Secure WordPress

  3. sophy

    Thank you Chris it work fine for me

  4. Junos
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    Wow, this works like a charm. It has been removed on all pages.

    I did not think that removing page generator is just so easy like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pusat Mutiara Lombok
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    Thank you Chris it work fine for me, nice tips :)

  6. stORM!
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    Very nice works perfectly!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. James Kirk
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    And that snippet of code still works like a champ, today.

    One thing I remember from a few years ago when trying to remove the WP version generator was the specific theme I was using (apologies for not remembering which one it was) actually had some WP Version generator code in the <head> section of the theme’s header.php files. So, not only was I getting two WP version lines in the output code, this type of version “de-generator” only removed one of them. About pulled my hair out trying to solve the challenge! Finally did, however.

  8. Connor Gurney
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    Hi Chris, I’m the one that tweeted you :)

    Thanks for the code, I was trying to edit the wp_head(); function !! :D

    Thanks again


  9. roventy
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    Thank you so much for sharing my friend this works perfectly

  10. reduc suisse
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    Thanks, it works for me after many and many issues ;)

  11. Brian
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    Ok. Why is this so important? All they need to do is type in wp-admin after the url to know its a WP site or administrator and viola it’s Joomla!

  12. Raja
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    Excellent, it’s working for me !

  13. FanaticWeb
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    Doesnt work for WP 3.5 though..

    • steffi
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      Yes, it works with WP 3.5.1, at least with the Twentyeleven theme.

      Thanks Chris!!

    • Imperative Ideas
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      As I posted below, it doesn’t work because you are using a child theme. Add a priority of 99 and it’ll work.

  14. john chimera
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    Is there any alternative?

  15. qammar
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    Yes, it is working, Thank you Chris.

  16. polp
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    Yup mine still shows after using this line.

  17. Guilherme Henrique
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    This is good, but thats don’t remove the generator and version form the RSS feed, and this can be like this:

    add________action('the________generator', '__________return_false');


    add________filter(‘the________generator’, ‘__________return_false’);

  18. Imperative Ideas
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    The correct method is:

    remove_action( 'wp_head', 'wp_generator', 99 ); // WP version
    add_filter('the_generator', 'wpbeginner_remove_version', 99); // Also remove from RSS

    First part: If you don’t add a PRIORITY then you try to remove the generator before WP has added it, especially in a child theme.

    Second part: You haven’t removed the generator from the RSS feed so your efforts are totally in vain. Code is included.

    Third part: This also goes for deleting readme.txt from the base install. If you don’t remove it in all three places, you may as well not remove it at all.

  19. Todd Dawson
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    If I use this, or the Meta Generator and Version Info Remover plugin, will WordPress detect and notify me when an upgrade is issued? Otherwise, will I have to constantly check WP to see if there’s a new version?

  20. Roger Ruz
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    Works fine on my site! Thank You!

  21. Rahul
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    It worked smoothly for me. Thanks Chris.

  22. Tony Carnell
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    Just used this code for a WP 3.8 installation and it worked like a dream.
    Thanks for sharing this Chris.

  23. Pablo
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    This does not hide version information from RSS. Use this instead:

    // hide the meta tag generator from head and rss
    function disable_version() {
       return '';
    remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

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