Increase Custom Fields Dropdown Limit

For your functions.php file or custom plugin:

// Increase number of meta fields shown in dropdown
add_filter('postmeta_form_limit', 'customfield_limit_increase');
function customfield_limit_increase($limit) {
  $limit = 100;
  return $limit;

Otherwise, the dropdown for Custom Fields is capped at 30 (alphabetically).




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    Thanks for your post..
    I needed this.. but I also need an addition to it.
    Do you know if there is a way to filter out certain meta values from displaying in the drop down?
    I have about 50 in my drop down but only 15 of them are actually viable for use in a “new order” admin
    I would like to display only the valid order based fields.

    Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

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    Thank you for this! I have bookmarked your website. I had to use another plugin called ACF. Now, with this that is not required also it was simple to add the code and get it right as I wanted. Also, if you can help me with Butch’s concern that would be great

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