Truncate Long String Exactly In Middle

This will truncate a longer string to a smaller string of specified length (e.g. the "25" value in the code below) while replacing the middle portion with a separator exactly in the middle. Useful when you need to truncate a string but still show the beginning (e.g. for sorting and because it is most recognizable) and also show the end (perhaps to show a file name).


$longString = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789z.jpg';
$separator = '/.../';
$separatorlength = strlen($separator) ;
$maxlength = 25 - $separatorlength;
$start = $maxlength / 2 ;
$trunc =  strlen($longString) - $maxlength;

echo substr_replace($longString, $separator, $start, $trunc);

//prints "abcdefghij/.../56789z.jpg"



  1. Elvis

    Nice, thanks!

    Here’s my code for links (copy):

            $title = substr_replace($title, '…', $max/2, round(-$max/2));
        $icon = "";
        $link = "$icon $title";
        return $link;
    echo beatufy_url('');
    • Elvis

      I expected this behavior from your parser so you can ignore the code and open the link ;)

  2. RM

    Handy PHP function:

    function truncate_middle($text, $length = 24, $separator = '...')
      if(strlen($text) <= $length)
        return $text;
      $length = ($length - strlen($separator)) / 2;
      return substr_replace($text, $separator, $length, -$length);

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