PHP Array Contains

Check if value is in array and outputs Yes or No

$names = array( 'Bob', 'Jim', 'Mark' );
echo 'In Array? ';
if (in_array(‘foo’, $names))
   echo 'Yes';
   echo 'No';


  1. Jimbo
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  2. Dan

    Nice! Exactly what I was looking for.
    I found it helpful.

  3. Marcius
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    Tks man! I was looking for it!

  4. Ammon
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    Had an AHA moment when i tried this out for a project i was working on

  5. Dominik
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    Thanks, you saved me some work

  6. Mark

    So simple :) Thanks!

  7. Torey
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    Thanks a bunch! Much better solution than I would have done otherwise.

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