function html_tidy( $input_html, $indent = "true", $no_body_tags = "true", $fix = "true" ) {
   ob_start(  );
   $tidy = new tidy;
   $config = array( 'indent' => $indent, 'output-xhtml' => true, 'wrap' => 200, 'clean' => $fix, 'show-body-only' => $no_body_tags );
   $tidy->parseString( $input_html, $config, 'utf8' );
   $tidy->cleanRepair(  );
   $input = $tidy;
   return $input;


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    Zeke N
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    So, I’m thinking it would be cool to write the function html_print(); HTML print would basically be: function html_print($html){
    global $doc_html;
    $doc_html .= $html;

    Then, at the end of the page, one could do echo html_tidy($doc_html); This would mean all the php generated html would be formatted nicely. Does that sound like a good idea to anyone else?

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    David A.
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    The default function arguments would produce an error since tidy expects a boolean value, but you’re giving a string. The first line should be like so:

    function html_tidy( $input_html, $indent = TRUE,
                                                   $no_body_tags = TRUE, $fix = TRUE ) {

    Other than that, very good suggestion. :-)

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    $function html_tidy( $input_file, $indent = true, $no_body_tags = false, $fix = true ) {
    $tidy = new tidy;
    //config is from
    $config = array( ‘indent’ => $indent,
    ‘output-html’ => true,
    ‘wrap-attributes’ => false,
    ‘wrap’ => 120,
    ‘show-body-only’ => $no_body_tags
    $tidy->parseFile( $input_file, $config );
    $tidy->cleanRepair( );
    return tidy_get_output($tidy);

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