Display Array Contents

echo '<pre>';
print_r ($_POST);
echo '</pre>';


  1. Mark Cole
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    Seriously? This is terrible lol.

  2. Kenrick
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    lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is funny

  3. Dyllon
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    so, an attempt to correct this users coding..


    $array[0] = "CSS";
    $array[1] = "HTML";
    $array[2] = "PHP";
    $array[3] = "JavaScript";
    echo '';
    print_r ($array);
    echo '';


        [0] => CSS
        [1] => HTML
        [2] => PHP
        [3] => JavaScript
  4. Chris
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    haha this is too basic for a snippet

  5. Bill Brown
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    Or this:

    echo '<pre>',print_r($array,1),'<pre>';

    • Gringer

      For beginners:

      The reason we use a comma instead of a period/dot between the ‘pre’ and the print_r() is because print_r() does an echo from itself.

      If you would use a dot instead then it PHP will echo print_r() and AFTER that a pre and a /pre.


      As we can read here:

      print_r() takes a second argument to return instead of echo:

      echo '<pre>' . print_r($array,true) . '</pre>';

      Note: We use dots instead of comma’s, and give print_r() an extra ‘true’ (= return).

      Not as short, but just to explain to beginners how the spoon fits in the fork xD

  6. superman
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    I’m sorry to say that not everybody is experienced who come here.It is a wonderful resource for the all levels of coder. Keep it up Chris.. Thanks

  7. dekorasyon
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    Gringer. I agree with you. Thanks.

  8. Waterman
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    You can as well use the foreach statement to get the content of an array out.. you use that when you need to perform something to every single one of the array element…

    $someArr = array(1,2,3,4,5…)
    foreach ($someArr as $newVar){
    //whatever you need to do to array members
    echo $newVar;

  9. shaik
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    Hi iam trying to use this code with an animated login and register form. the form works fine. as soon as i put the php err code the whole form looses its css and freezes. please check code here http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PZKBpW

    thanks your help will be appreciated

  10. shaik
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    hi sorted.
    check the solution here http://codepen.io/anon/pen/XXemJB

  11. shaik
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    there is one problem though . i want my err mesg with a border. if i show border on css then the form displays the border of the div even if there is no err. basically i want the div there as empty and if the submit has errors then the err show and outline with a border. any help there pleae

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