Convert HEX to RGB

Give function hex code (e.g. #eeeeee), returns array of RGB values.

function hex2rgb( $colour ) {
        if ( $colour[0] == '#' ) {
                $colour = substr( $colour, 1 );
        if ( strlen( $colour ) == 6 ) {
                list( $r, $g, $b ) = array( $colour[0] . $colour[1], $colour[2] . $colour[3], $colour[4] . $colour[5] );
        } elseif ( strlen( $colour ) == 3 ) {
                list( $r, $g, $b ) = array( $colour[0] . $colour[0], $colour[1] . $colour[1], $colour[2] . $colour[2] );
        } else {
                return false;
        $r = hexdec( $r );
        $g = hexdec( $g );
        $b = hexdec( $b );
        return array( 'red' => $r, 'green' => $g, 'blue' => $b );


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    Thanks, I used it as a good starting point.
    I’ve updated it slightly to be shorter and with the assumption the end hex is always 6 characters (as I control the input). The str_split() might be helpful for your code maybe?

    $hexString = preg_replace(“/[^abcdef]/i”,””,$hexString);
    list($r,$g,$b) = str_split($hexString,2);
    return Array(“r”=>hexdec($r),”g”=>hexdec($g),”b”=>hexdec($b));

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      I just realised I didn’t copy the entire code.
      There’s a false missing off the end! heh….

      function hex2rgb($hexString){
      $hexString = preg_replace(“/[^abcdef]/i”,””,$hexString);
      list($r,$g,$b) = str_split($hexString,2);
      return Array(“r”=>hexdec($r),”g”=>hexdec($g),”b”=>hexdec($b));
      return false;

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    Dave E
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    If anyone is interested in a javascript equivalent I used this (Not perfect but seems to do the job) :

    function hex2rgb( colour ) {
    var r,g,b;
    if ( colour.charAt(0) == ‘#’ ) {
    colour = colour.substr(1);

    r = colour.charAt(0) + ” + colour.charAt(1);
    g = colour.charAt(2) + ” + colour.charAt(3);
    b = colour.charAt(4) + ” + colour.charAt(5);

    r = parseInt( r,16 );
    g = parseInt( g,16 );
    b = parseInt( b ,16);
    return “rgb(” + r + “,” + g + “,” + b + “)”;

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      Divy Singh Rathore
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      Thanks its really working. With some modification it can also b used for rgba color code just adding one more parameter.

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    I want to say that this site has high quality content!!!
    Of course, the code above, was just what I wanted.

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    Jamie Murphy
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    thanks, you are a life saver. I needed this for a client project and had been playing for ages but I couldn’t get it quite right!

    Thanks again!

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    The Frosty
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    Super awesome code snippet to put inside a WordPress plugin!

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    Sunny Verma
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    Here is another smaller function to convert hex to rgb

    function hexrgb($hexstr) {
        $int = hexdec($hexstr);
        return array("red" => 0xFF & ($int >> 0x10), "green" => 0xFF & ($int >> 0x8), "blue" => 0xFF & $int);
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    Michael Tunnell

    HEX to RGB via PHP in one line.

    list($r,$g,$b) = array_map('hexdec',str_split($colorVar,2));

    or if you want the variable to have the # prefix then:

    list($r,$g,$b) = array_map('hexdec',str_split(ltrim($colorVar, '#'),2));

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