Convert Comma Separated String into Array

Easy way to turn a CSV file into a parseable array.

// print_r($arr);


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    Is there a way to take a comma separated string like say: Tags: Something, somethingelse, thirdsomething into


    Perhaps by wrapping this code Tags: Something, somethingelse, thirdsomething in some kind of div? Is this possible?

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    Thank you very much,

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    Ok, but if i put the $arr in a cycle for example “for”…how can i kmow the lenght of that array?…the problem for me it’s that one…the cycle should print $arr[0],$arr[1],$arr[2],$arr[3] and then stop, how can i tell it the it has to stop on number three?

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      Lezioni, you can always use a foreach loop rather than a for loop.
      On the other had if you really want to now the lenth of an array
      use the count statement.


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    Thanks a lot! Impressive simplicity!

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    That won’t work for a lot of cases. Consider:

    Field 1, Field 1,”This is text, with a comma.”

    That string will be broken into 4 pieces when it should only be 3.

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