Check if File Exists / Append Number to Name

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If the file name exists, returns new file name with _number appended so you don't overwrite it.

function file_newname($path, $filename){
    if ($pos = strrpos($filename, '.')) {
           $name = substr($filename, 0, $pos);
           $ext = substr($filename, $pos);
    } else {
           $name = $filename;

    $newpath = $path.'/'.$filename;
    $newname = $filename;
    $counter = 0;
    while (file_exists($newpath)) {
           $newname = $name .'_'. $counter . $ext;
           $newpath = $path.'/'.$newname;

    return $newname;

Example returns:



  1. Anton
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    Strange this one doesn’t work on my site.

    My goal is to restrict users to upload only 10 pics each (from 1 to 10) … picture_1-10.jpg.
    If a user decided to delete a picture, for example picture_7.jpg and upload a new one the picture should be renamed with the same title as the deleted one.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Here is my PHP script:

    function Upload_GenFilename($filename, $tag, $filecounter = NULL)
        $filedate = bqSearch;
        //Neuen Startwert f?r Zufallszahl bestimmen
        $randomnumber = mt_rand(1, 10);
        //Suffix = $tag mit dem . entfernen
        //nur wenn in filename enthalten
          $filename = substr($filename,0,strlen($filename)-strlen($tag)-1);
        //Neuer Filename
        if($filecounter == NULL)
          $newfilename = $filename.'_'.$filedate.'.'.$tag;
          $newfilename = $filename.'_'.$filecounter.'_'.$filedate.'_'.$tag;
        return $newfilename;
  2. Gianluca
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    If the filename has no extension, then php will complain that $$ext variable is not set.
    You should change this code:

     } else {
    	$name = $filename;

    with this:

     } else {
    	 $name = $filename;
             $ext = "";
  3. Nadimuthu
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    How to download my file from already uploaded path?. What function i will used.? please help me

  4. Bhumi
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    Thanks for sharing. useful to me.

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