Shuffle Children

Nice clean version of a ghetto one that I wrote.

$.fn.shuffleChildren = function() {
    $.each(this.get(), function(index, el) {
        var $el = $(el);
        var $find = $el.children();

        $find.sort(function() {
            return 0.5 - Math.random();




View Demo


  1. web developer
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    this is cool I like it.

  2. Nimesh Chheda
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    Cool, nic1

  3. Steve
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    … and if you want shuffle onload:

    <pre>$(window).load(function() {

    Instead of demo page

    <pre>$(“#shuffle”).click(function() {

    • ryan
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      where would I place this? i am somewhat new to coding…I am using dreamweaver, and I have made a js plugin for the code, but where would I put the ‘usage’ aspect?

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