jQuery(function () { 
    jQuery(":contains(FIND)").not(":has(:contains(FIND))").each(function () { 
        var that = $(this), 
            html = that.html(); 
        html = html.replace(\(FIND:.*?\))/g, "REPLACE-WITH"); 

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  1. Benjamin Mayo
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    That is so over-complicated.

    • OldGuy
      Permalink to comment#

      I think the only reasonable response to that is…
      “Put up or shut up.” Let’s see your alternative.

    • Benjamin Mayo
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      I would if I could work out how to post code into these comment blocks.

    • Chris Coyier
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      This would be javascript, so no special formatting is needed at all. Just put it in between <pre><code> tags. If it comes out fucked up, I fix it.

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