Persistant Headers on Tables

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When you scroll down a page with a long table on it, typically the header of the table scrolls away and becomes useless. This code clones the table header and applies it at the top of the page once you have scrolled beyond it, and disappears when you have scrolled past the table.

These days, you’re probably better off using position: sticky; than using JavaScript, but you’ll have to make that browser support call on your own.

function UpdateTableHeaders() {
   $("div.divTableWithFloatingHeader").each(function() {
       offset = $(this).offset();
       scrollTop = $(window).scrollTop();
       if ((scrollTop > && (scrollTop < + $(this).height())) {
           $(".tableFloatingHeader", this).css("visibility", "visible");
           $(".tableFloatingHeader", this).css("top", Math.min(scrollTop -, $(this).height() - $(".tableFloatingHeader", this).height()) + "px");
       else {
           $(".tableFloatingHeader", this).css("visibility", "hidden");
           $(".tableFloatingHeader", this).css("top", "0px");

$(document).ready(function() {
   $("table.tableWithFloatingHeader").each(function() {
       $(this).wrap("<div class="divTableWithFloatingHeader" style="position:relative"></div>");
       $("tr:first", this).before($("tr:first", this).clone());
       clonedHeaderRow = $("tr:first", this)
       clonedHeaderRow.css("position", "absolute");
       clonedHeaderRow.css("top", "0px");
       clonedHeaderRow.css("left", "0px");
       clonedHeaderRow.css("visibility", "hidden");

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