jQuery JSON getting with error catching

jQuery has a built in function called getJSON() to help making AJAX requests for JSON data easier. It normally works great, but if that function gets invalid data (or nothing) back, the callback function will not fire. If there is a legitimate risk of that, you can do this instead to catch for those errors.

$.get('/path/to/url', function (data) {
  if( !data || data === ""){
    // error
  var json;
  try {
    json = jQuery.parseJSON(data);
  } catch (e) {
    // error
  // use json here
}, "text");


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    Agustín Amenabar L. (@baamenabar)
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    Awesome! I was having this exact problem.
    No idea one could do try – catch on javascript.
    I’m always underestimating javascript :p

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    Nice one, thanks.

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