Highlight Related Label when Input in Focus

$("form :input").focus(function() {
  $("label[for='" + this.id + "']").addClass("labelfocus");
}).blur(function() {


  1. asheep
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    pleasee give me this example :(

  2. jamie paterson
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    This will come in handy, will use a subtle rgba colour background on selection – cheers :-)

  3. JohnMotyJr
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    I ran a test case with this because i was doing this the long way. Come to find out, if you happen to already know the labels for="" and input’s id, then a switch case is quicker.

    $('form :input').bind({
        focus: function () {
            var id = $(this).attr('id').toString();
            var add = $("label[for='" + this.id + "']").addClass('labelfocus');
            switch (id) {
                case 'title':add;break;
                case 'description':add;break;
                case 'resource':add;break;
                case 'tag':add;break;
                case 'theme':add;break;
                case 'language':add;break;
        blur: function () {

    jsPerf Benchmark Test Case (Slightly modified with triggering events). I do however prefer this method due to the less code and easy to use, especially if you have dynamic forms.

  4. David Tintner
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    You can style it with just CSS if you put the label after the input

    <input id="something-cool" type="text" />
    <label for="something-cool">Something Cool</label>
    input:focus + label { position: relative; top: -20px; }
  5. Victor Pavlov
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    Here is very good example It realised like small jQuery plugin and can be customized as you wish.

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