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Force iframe to Reload

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$('iframe').attr('src', $('iframe').attr('src'));


  1. Alex
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    I honestly only wanted to comment because your commenting system is gorgeous.


  2. junior
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    comment preview doesn’t has funcionality , AhahahhAHHAhh

  3. Celine
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    How would you go about reloading 2 or more iFrames?

  4. Laurent
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    Thanks a lot !

  5. Nenad
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    Thank you very much. I’ve tried more than one way of doing this, but none really worked for me. This is the real deal! Thanks once again :)

  6. esm
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    $(‘iframe’).attr(‘src’,’Your src here ‘);

  7. Codeplussoft
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    From Your text to link here…
    $( '#iframe' ).attr( 'src', function () { return $( this )[0].src; } );

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