Find and Wrap Ampersands

Load this plugin. Then:

$("body *").replaceText( /&/gi, '<b class="ampersand">' + '&' + '</b>' );

Change the selector as needed. That one is pretty intense.

Now you have a class name you can use to style them specially.

.ampersand {
   font-family: Baskerville, Some Other Cool Font, Serif;
   font-style: italic;


  1. User Avatar
    Bradley Rosenfeld

    Just a note, but the snippet is missing the HTML that surrounds the ampersand with an element with a class of ampersand.

  2. User Avatar
    James Brumond

    I don’t think you’re escaping your HTML correctly in the example above..

  3. User Avatar

    Hi Chris !

    Whouldn’t this become a problem when you have special unicode chars like ×, < or whatever ? Will it break those chars ?

  4. User Avatar
    Taufik Nurrohman
    Permalink to comment#

    JQuery .highlight() text plugin:

    jQuery.fn.highlight = function(str, className) {
        var regex = new RegExp(str, "gi");
        return this.each(function() {
            $(this).contents().filter(function() {
                return this.nodeType == 3 && regex.test(this.nodeValue);
            }).replaceWith(function() {
                return (this.nodeValue || "").replace(regex, function(match) {
                    return "<span class=\"" + className + "\">" + match + "</span>";

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