Clear a File Input

You can just clone it and replace it with itself, with all events still attached.

var input = $("#control");

function something_happens() {



  1. Sreekanth
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    Click on Clear button for more than 1 time does n’t work.

  2. Karan Menon
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    Not working…

  3. Tobias
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    Same here, the example works only the first time.
    Selecting a different file puts “changed” to the console.log but clicking on the “clear” link does nothing.
    Win7/Chrome 26

  4. dibiler
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    I believe that it’s not working,because variable “controlBn” is assigned only once (the first time equals $(‘#control’). And as that element is being replaced with a new clone of it, the var “controlBn” may be pointing to an inexistent element after that.
    I would put just :
    $('#clear').on('click' ,function(){
    $('#control').replaceWith( $('#control').val('').clone( true ) );

    rather than the code above
    (just a guess)

  5. niwtsew
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    Though .val(”) works for FF, but it does not work for IE.

  6. Trevor
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    Thank you. Just what I needed. Works perfectly ;)

  7. Jesin
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    @dibiler’s solution works great. The control variable has to be reinitialized inside the click callback function.

    clearBn.on("click", function(){
        var control = $("#control");
        control.replaceWith( control.val('').clone( true ) );

    A working demo is available here –

  8. Pablo
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  9. Ibrahim Islam
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  10. ETorres
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    Hey … it’s great! but not work to FILE type :-(

  11. Muhamad Risman
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    thank you, very helpful for me :)

  12. Qaisar Khan
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    I see people complaining about the clear button not working more than once…
    How a about a much simpler solution, such as:

    document.getElementById(“control”).value = “”;

  13. Stan
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    @Qiasar = you’re the killer :)

  14. Darbez
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    Its wrong ????

  15. Maxmaxmaximus
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    ie-8 support, enjoy =) my name is Maxmaxmaximus

    input.value = ''
    input.type = ''
    input.type = 'file'
  16. lyc4n
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    Clear the form


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