Check if jQuery is Loaded

if (typeof jQuery == 'undefined') {

    // jQuery IS NOT loaded, do stuff here.



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    I usually do alert($);

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    Sarfraz Ahmed
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    Sunny Verma
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    if (typeof jQuery == 'function')
    if (typeof $== 'function')

    to check if jQuery is Loaded

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    if(jquery) will do tjob

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    if (jQuery) {
    alert(“jquery is loaded”);
    } else {
    alert(” Not loaded”);

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    you can open developer console and type $ to check if jQuery is loaded or not

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    checking just for “$” as some people suggest is certainly NOT enough to check for jQuery existence. Some websites may dont use jQuery in general but like the “$” function and just slice out this part from the jQuery library. Or they make their own like const $ = (elem) => document.querySelectorAll(elem); In both cases if you check for “$” you would get a function back even though jQuery is not existing. I agree with the people who check for the jQuery object –> if(window.jQuery).

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