Check if Element Exists

if ($('#myElement').length > 0) { 
    // it exists 

Or to make it a fancy function with a callback:

// Tiny jQuery Plugin
// by Chris Goodchild
$.fn.exists = function(callback) {
  var args = [], 1);

  if (this.length) {, args);

  return this;

// Usage
$('div.test').exists(function() {
  this.append('<p>I exist!</p>');


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    You don’t need the “> 0”, you can simply write:

    if ( $('#myElement').length ) {
    // it exists

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      No true, since jQuery always returns an object with length 0

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      it’s true. If element exists: length > 0, and condition is true.
      If element not exosts: length = 0 and condition is false

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      Kevin Redman
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      This IS correct. You do NOT need to say length > 0, because 1 = true, 0 = false.

      Eliazer, you probably just heard someone say “JQuery always returns an object” and thus you think that every FUNCTION of jQuery returns an object. jQuerys DEFAULT selector “$()” always does. However its functions don’t always… ie “has” and “is”… or “length”

      Length returns 0 or 1, and since 1 = true, 0 = false.

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      pretty good.
      Thank you Nathan.

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    Juan Trigueros
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    Even easyest and reusable, you can define a function:

    jQuery.fn.exists = function() { return this.length>0; };

    And use it, anywhere, simple like this:

    if ($(‘#myElemento).existe()) { … }

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      Chris happy
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      Ummm, I think I see a spelling mistake in the last line of your comment:
      if ($(‘#myElemento).existe()) { … }
      is suppose to be
      if ($(‘#myElemento).exists()) { … }
      (existe compared to exists)

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    Jonathan Fontes
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    // …

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    El garch Hicham
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    nice tuto :P

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    But why you don’t use $('#myElement')[0]? – returns the first DOM element or undefined, I think.

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    I use this:
    if($(“element”)[0] || $(“element”)[0])
    // do something

    p.s. Exemple for multiple elements

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    i think “!=” is more performant than “>”, what do you think about?

    if ( $(‘#myElement’).length != 0 ) {
    // it exists

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    0 means ‘false’
    >= 1 means ‘true’

    if( $(‘#selector’).length )
    //exec,if length >= 1
    //exec,if length = 0

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    Hi folks, that checking is nice, but I am getting crazy looking how could I trigger that function when a element is created within the DOM context. Basicly I want stop #something.cycle when an iframe appears on my document (from js live editor)….

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    Avennida Gez

    Guys, I have used this and does not work
    it is not detected

    if($(‘#body’).length) bla bla
    of course if I use and id body in body tag works, but if it does not have the id=’body’ this detector does not work at all

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      always means that your matching the id. you should use $(‘body’) instead of $(‘#body’)

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    Is this function working with “live” or “bind”?

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    Amrit Deep
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    Hey, this code doesn’t work
    $(‘#stop’).bind(‘click’, function(){
    jQuery.fn.exists = function(){return this.length>0;}

        else if($('#thirty').exists()){
        else if($('#forty_five').exists()){
        else if($('#sixty').exists()){
        else {
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    Need a little help. I have used it approx 1000 times but still can not get it right this time:
    My if statement looks like this:

    if($(‘#s’+user_id + ‘ .course_stats_user’).length > 0){


    ‘#s’+user_id + ‘ .course_stats_user’ does not exist but still it goes in the if loop…any ideas..

    NVM.. it is now resolved..

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    I spent so long futzing with this… Leave it to CSS-Tricks to distribute valuable knowledge. Thank you!

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    Using .exists() seems the logical choice over .length, no?

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    Đan Trường
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    I see a lot of way in discussion to check ID of div using jquery.
    I tried test and all of them is correct.
    I using if( $(‘#myElement’).length) to quick in use.
    Thank for nice post.

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    A useful post, especially the exists() function. Not explicitly mentioned above, but worth stating, the exists() method is chainable.

    A slight tweak/safety check to that would be to check that the first argument passed through is actually a function:

    $.fn.exists = function(callback) {
      var args = [], 1);
      if (this.length && typeof callback === 'function') {, args);
      return this;

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