Change WMode with jQuery

If you don't set the wmode on a flash embed it will float over the top of an overlay which can be a pretty big deal. This is ideal in environment with lots of legacy video code or where users will be posting new code and teaching them about wmode is a lost cause. This should work in all browsers.

$("embed").attr("wmode", "opaque");
var embedTag;
$("embed").each(function(i) {
       embedTag = $(this).attr("outerHTML");
       if ((embedTag != null) && (embedTag.length > 0)) {
               embedTag = embedTag.replace(/embed /gi, "embed wmode="opaque" ");
               $(this).attr("outerHTML", embedTag);
       } else {

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  1. DrCord
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    This is such a useful snippet. Thanks! CSS-Tricks rocks!

  2. Theo
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    thanks =D

  3. Nick
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    one note: escape backslashes or alternating quotes are needed on this line:

    embedTag = embedTag.replace(/embed /gi, “embed wmode=”opaque” “);


  4. Jay
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    Can’t get this to work in Chrome anyone have any ideas? seems to work perfectly in safari and firefox.

  5. Pur
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    Thank you! You spent me a lot of time.

  6. chandr123
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    Good solution Chris. But I am getting issue is some time google ad don’t specify transparent or opaque parameter in their flash ad embedded inside iframes. so i could nt bring any overlay over that ad. help.

    ref –

  7. TonHoekstra

    Unfortunately not working for flash elements that are embedded inside iframes, anyone has an solution for that?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Finn Moses
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    Thanks for the nice trick with css !

  9. Sugasini
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    wmmode =”transparent” is working good for flash animation. Like that i want for jquery .. plz give me a solution…

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