Add :nth-of-type to jQuery

$.expr[':']['nth-of-type'] = function(elem, i, match) {
    var parts = match[3].split("+");
    return (i + 1 - (parts[1] || 0)) % parseInt(parts[0], 10) === 0;

See the original article for more info on adding the other "of type" selectors.


  1. Dol
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    This will be nice if you explain with an example.

    With Regards
    Dolendro Oinam

  2. kumar
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    how to mention the type to select the nth of type. For example if I have to develop 4th text box, how do I do it?

    • lukeluukeluuuke
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      $(“textarea:nth-of-type(4)”) That will target the 4th Textarea, if you want every 4th textarea then you will need

  3. vipin
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    i am new here ,
    i want to ask how to use more then one different types and different versions of jquerys in one
    html page . plz reply me

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