Strip HTML Tags in JavaScript

var StrippedString = OriginalString.replace(/(<([^>]+)>)/ig,"");


  1. Dango
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    Your script works great! Cheers!

  2. admire
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    this is so cool , i like it

  3. John Doe
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    * isArray
    * @param mixed input
    * @return bol
    function is_array(obj) {
    if (obj.constructor.toString().indexOf(‘Array’) == -1) {
    return false;
    return true;
    * stripTags
    * @param mixed input
    * @parm mixed output
    function strip_tags(input) {
    if (input) {
    var tags = /(]+)>)/ig;
    if (!is_array(input)) {
    input = input.replace(tags,”);
    else {
    var i = input.length;
    var newInput = new Array();
    while(i–) {
    input[i] = input[i].replace(tags,”);
    return input;
    return false;
  4. Pushpinder Bagga
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    function strip(html)
    var tmp = document.createElement("DIV");
    tmp.innerHTML = html;
    return tmp.textContent || tmp.innerText;

    • JC
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      This was even better for my needs. No issues with special characters etc…

    • Morgan Roderick
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      That is awful advice!

      If for some reason (like malicious intent of users) the html argument contains a script tag, you’ve now opened up for XSS attacks!!!

      Don’t use the DOM for something that doesn’t require it.

      Also, the DOM is really slow.

    • Martin Adámek

      This solution is great for using of inner content from paragraph in JS Alert window – it strips nbsp and em efectivelly,

    • Venkat
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      Lovely. Worked great

  5. derek
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    hey!!!..this is so ridiculous..

  6. Eugene
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    Thank you for great example

  7. Sebastian
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    Thanks, this does exactly what I need (and so concisely, too!)

  8. Ian
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    Thanks! A quick note about the regexp: the “i” isn’t needed here because there are no characters to be case-insensitive about. However, it does exactly what you want either way.

  9. Porter
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    Nice, but the parentheses are unnecessary.


  10. Florian Ricard
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    Hi :)

    I saw your contact form and i must say i love it!
    Do you have a tutorial or something like that? It’s a wonderful one :)^
    Hope to hear some news of you,

    A french reader,


  11. Truong Duong
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    Thank for script :)

    @Ricard: If you want to make a copy of the contact form, just view source or save this page to you local ;)

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    beautul site thank you for great example

  13. DScout
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    the /i for case insensitivity is definitely recommended.
    When using contenteditable, IE produces upper case tags, mozilla would only create lower case… To strip those you need it case insensitive.

    • do0g

      DScout, this is incorrect. There are no specified alphabetical characters in the regular expression – the case insensitivity modifier therefore affects nothing.

  14. Sadia
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    I have following code:

    var text = ‘[$ ssIncludeXml(docName,”wcm:root/wcm:element[@name=’innerpage_content’]/text()”) $]’;
    var StrippedString = text.replace(/(]+)>)/ig,””);

    where ‘[$ ssIncludeXml(docName,”wcm:root/wcm:element[@name=’innerpage_content’]/text()”) $]’
    is Idoc script that brings a block of HTML from a placeholder. But i am getting “unterminated string literal” Error at first line.

    What i want to do is to remove or strip all HTML tags and to get plain text out of that markup.

    Kindly let me know if there is any solution.


  15. JOhn
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    works great but doest strip whitespaces….  

  16. Valutar BNR
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    Thank you! It was very useful for me and I think that is useful for everyone.
    Thank you again!

  17. Elliott
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    Yeah, this solution removed all sorts of HTML, paragraph, line breaks, in-line styles etc etc

  18. reena upadhyay
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    This does not works for IE. Please provide solution to strip tag in javascript that works for all browsers

  19. Shilpa Agrawal
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    Thanks for this script
    It work greate

  20. Ammar
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    i am trying it on

    var message;

        firstName = document.getElementById("username").value;
        if (firstName == null || firstName == "" || firstName == NaN || firstName == "First Name") {
            message = "Please Add some name.";
            document.body.insertAdjacentHTML("BeforeEnd", "" + message + "");
        else {
            if (document.getElementById("myMessage")) {
                arguments = document.getElementById("myMessage").value.replace(/(]+)>)/ig, "");

    but it is not working and saying

    cannot call method ‘replace’ of undefined

  21. Ryan Mc Closkey

    Was wondering how this would be implemented if I only wanted to remove the href tags from a string of text, instead of removing all the tags? I’m trying to retrieve a page of text from a website but I only want the plain text with the formatting tags (p, ul, li).
    Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.

  22. DropTheNerd

    This was excellent! Thanks!

  23. javier
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    Great! Thanks!

  24. Hemant Vaniya
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    Its working fine.

  25. Emmanuel Sayson
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    Cool! This is perfectly working…

  26. anonymous
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    What about < b r / > or < h r / > (the self closing tags) ?

  27. Nagarjuna Gottimukkala
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    Cool……Nice Example.

  28. Jeremy
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    Looks like “newInput” doesn’t do anything at all? So it’s either extraneous or there’s a problem with the code.

  29. Hardik Sondagar

    I have developed same thing using javascript Regular Expression.
    It’ll strip all the html tags excluding tag provided in exclude list by user.
    source code is also available on github
    check here. HTML Tag Stripper

  30. Germano

    Nice, but it’s not that safe… I’d rather use jQuery:

    $("<div/>").text('<img alt="a>b" src="a_b.gif" />').text();

  31. Ahahahaha


    <a onclick=”return a > b”> ~ fail

  32. SKV
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    But this code is not working well with HTML table content.

  33. Al
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    How can strip all tags except anchor and img tags?

  34. Jonas
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    You can easily leave out the case sensitivity /i and the grouping ():

    var noHtml = hasHtml.replace(/<[^>]+>/ig, '')
  35. duromir
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    using jQuery

  36. farzad
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    it is what i want. tanx…

  37. Muhammad Navaid
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    not working with AngularJS.

  38. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
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    Probably the simplest probably I found online. Thanks a bunch for it. Worked just fine!

  39. Hamada Abdelaziz
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    this is the best solution i have find
    this is equivalent to PHP strip_tags function

  40. cccccccccc
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    string.replace(/\n/g, "");
    string.replace(/[\t ]+\</g, "<");
    string.replace(/\>[\t ]+\</g, "><");
    string.replace(/\>[\t ]+$/g, ">");
  41. Samantha
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    Doesn’t anyone see how this solution greatly affects this text:

    Rounded amounts < 3 are way easier for people to use in calculations, since they are so tiny than numbers that are >=3

    Becomes: Rounded amounts =3

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