Remove an Element

For whatever reason, an element can't destroy itself in JavaScript. jQuery has a method for this, which is nice because this is how we think:


But there is no direct equivalent in JavaScript. Instead you'll need to select the parent element and use removeChild.

So if you have:

<div class="module">
  <div class="remove-me">...</div>

You'll need to do:

var thingToRemove = document.querySelectorAll(".remove-me")[0];


Or if you had a reference to an element and wanted to empty out all the elements inside it, but keep it:

mydiv = document.getElementById('empty-me');
while (mydiv.firstChild) {


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    Andy Hoffman
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    How about using a facade pattern for this task?

    function myWrapper(element) {
      this.element = element;
    myWrapper.prototype.remove = function() {
    var some_el = new myWrapper(
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    Nice but to difficult for most html, css and jquery people.

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      Chris Coyier
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      Nah you’ll be OK.

      Think of it like this:

      // jQuery: thingToRemove = $(".remove-me");
      var thingToRemove = document.querySelectorAll(".remove-me")[0];
      // jQuery: thingToRemove.remove();
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    Ren Lyke
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    I am trying to hide a class in a page when a particular class is in that page. Other wise the class should reflect.

    When the class “gsg-nav” is present i wish to hide this class “article-sidebar side-column”.

    How could i do that.

    Below is the link for my code.

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      Hey Ren, you may get better luck posting this question to the forums since there is a larger group of people available to help there.

      Best of luck!

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    Amit Mishra
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    Hello Guy’s ,

    anyone can help me on a things , I have in a page once <nav class='test'> and below a <div> without any class/id, I want to hide/remove <div> element which is in next of <nav> tag , I can do $('.test').next().remove(); but strictly jQuery is not allowed , please give me any trick of JavaScript or CSS, Please note that , i haven’t access to edit any html code only i can add js/css.

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      Andy Hoffman
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      I am having trouble embedding code in here, but I put together a quick example which seems to do what you want. demo

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    Cristian Joan Castellanos Gómez
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    Hi, im trying to filter the content of a web site depending on the type of user, and i think that this is a good way to do, my question is how this method affect the performance of the website? because if i use display none, the element exist in the DOM and affect the performance, thanks! sorry for my english

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    why you guys have taken [0] querySelector in this

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