Error-Free Console Logging

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var Fb = {}; //An empty object literal for holding the function
Fb.log = function(obj, consoleMethod) {
       if (window.console && window.console.firebug && window.console.firebug.replace(/^\s\s*/, '').replace(/\s\s*$/, '') !== '') {
               if (typeof consoleMethod === "string" && typeof console[consoleMethod] === "function") {
               } else {

If you leave console.log,, etc messages in your JavaScript code and open the page in browser like IE then it may halt the page loading completely saying that ‘console not defined’ especially if your user uses a non IE8 browser.

This code snippet will allow you to leave the logging message as such in your code if you wish and your page will render properly in IE or any other browser that does not support the console messages.


Fb.log("This will be logged");

Fb.log("This will be displayed in console as info", "info");

The FB.log function accepts two parameters the first one is the “item” that you want to display in the firebug console and the second one is the firebug method that you want to use for the logging, like info, error, etc. If you omit the second parameter the result will be equivalent to console.log()

Simple log-only way

function ltc(what) {
       try {
       catch (e) {}
       finally {