Bind Different Events to Click and Double Click

You might want a link to have a special action when double-clicked which prevents the default action of the link (go to another page). So:

Double-click: does something special, does not do normal click event at all
Click: works as normal

You'll need to have a very slight delay on firing off the normal click action, which you cancel when the double click event happens.

function doClickAction() {
  $("#click h2").append("•"); 
function doDoubleClickAction() {
  $("#double-click h2").append("•"); 

var timer = 0;
var delay = 200;
var prevent = false;

  .on("click", function() {
    timer = setTimeout(function() {
      if (!prevent) {
      prevent = false;
    }, delay);
  .on("dblclick", function() {
    prevent = true;
Check out this Pen!


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    Try click, click then double click, your script fail

  2. User Avatar
    Radek Surani
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    Thanks, it’s very helpful to me.

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    in the moment the double click selects the text automaticly a normal click is assigned?

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    Jan Peša
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    This script obviously fails if your OS dblclick threshold is higher than 200ms (and mostly is). Just click again after the “click” dot appears – most probably “double click” dot will be added, that’s because your script already finished the timer but OS is still of course considering the second one as double click but has nothing to cancel.
    The right solution is to have single click event handler and check whether you have running timer – if so, cancel it and do double click action. The finished timer itself will do single click actions.

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      syzygy (@syzygy556)

      any way you could give a code example fir your solution

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    This is working fine in Chrome, but not in IE. Any work around for IE??

  6. User Avatar
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    THANK YOU!!!! I had an app for years that wouldn’t work in Chrome and this finally let me fix it :)

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