Stop IE Page Load Flicker

Otherwise known as Fajax (fake ajax). For example, when submitting a form and the next page is mostly similar to the new page, the entire page isn't whited out and redrawn, it blends smoothly to the next (IE only).

<!--[if IE]>
<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(duration=0)" />
<meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(duration=0)" />


  1. Steve Rowe
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    This seems to work with IE 6 & 7 (not sure about prior versions), but not IE 8. Not sure why – still looking for the correct answer for all recent versions of IE. But this helps a little! Thanks.

  2. ramesh
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    thank you!!!! saved my time :)

  3. gosh
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    I had better luck changing the duration to 0.1

  4. Steve R
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    This works great! Thank you. I will be using this from now on. I also had to change the duration to get it to work on IE8. I set mine equal to 0.01

  5. Almekhlafi Portal
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    Thankyou Very Much for this artical

  6. webmist
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    this helped heaps but don’t think is quite right yet in IE8 – any updates on the fix for this? I have my duration set at 0.01

  7. smart person
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    who the hell uses internet explorer anyway? LOL. get a real browser.

  8. Wez Chan
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    Its amazing thanks.

  9. Jake
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    Life saver!

    Works well for me using 0.01 on IE8 and IE7.
    It was particularly noticeable as there was a dark background image.

    Thanks :)

  10. César
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    Hi everyone!

    i’ve noticed that when i use IE9 (maybe the same happens with other versions, but not with Chrome or Firefox), there’s a blank background showing up for a split second when my webpage and menus are loaded.

    Does anyone as the same problem? Or any solution to this issue?
    I’ve tested the solution for the flickering problem, but it didn’t worked out.


    • Jesse
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      I am creating a new wordpress site and have the same problem in IE9 and the code above didn’t fix the problem for me. I am also looking for a solution for IE9. In IE8 yes!

  11. Alf
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    It’s depreciated in ie8 and ie9. Now see

    Reason? It’s not standard and they are trying to standardize. So they just ripped out what we have developed around and left us in the lurch.

    Just one more inconsistency from MS that is costing me my sanity.

  12. Alf
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    Update: Works in IE8 but “duration=0” does not. Change to 0.4 for me worked fine in ie8. Does not work in IE9 at all as is deprecated.. This is confirmed in several places on the Internet, e.g., my link above.

    Although there are many substitute fades such as JQuery offers, NONE work in a page transition — CSS fades can’t because the page is in transition when Java cannot run because it is not loaded yet (and if you know otherwise, PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW). The only thing that can run between 2 different page displays is the explorer code itself. And MS in it’s infinite wisdom decided we didn’t need it. In the meantime, I have several major projects out there in front of customers based on this blend transition.

    I welcome MS joining in with international standards instead of making up their own, but if you do that, as provider of well over half the world’s browsers, (MICROSOFT LISTEN UP) — PLEASE BE CONSISTENT. To the guy above that says get a better browser, don’t worry, I got Linux too (MS take heed)… just a pity my customers are only changing slowly (but they will).

    MS, your actions are contemptuous and causing untold thousands of losses through your ill-considered actions (eg: the VB6 drop debacle). If you want to stay in the market, EVERYONE IS TELLING YOU TO LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS and especially us developers who invested so much in you.

  13. Alisha Waghmare
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    These tags are not working for IE 9 for my page. Any work around for it.

  14. Kenny
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    In IE 7 and 8 the transitions of the pages of my websites were very ckean and smooth, eseecially after I began using a jquery fade-in and fade-out effect, followed with the proprietary effect listed in this article. The release of IE 9 has created a nughtmare that I can’t fix; all the page transitions that were smooth now display an explosion-like flash before all page loads.




  15. Steve
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    Spot on thanks very much for this, annoying flicker was driving me crazy!

  16. Maidul
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    This tips save my luck.
    IE really sucks

    • Mark

      [really really totally sucks]… until there was IE11. ie 10 was a brave announcement that ie was going to try and grow up, but about a year before it launched “lurches” in the bowels of the earth started grumbling. By the time ie10 dies, it was a teeny bit better than 9. IE11, something weird happened. what was for decades freefall junk-out actually began improving every day! Even stranger than fiction, Microsoft MVPs started letting Microsoft’s prisoners know that what they were experiencing had been the norm for the last ten years for… everyone else. Maidul, I luv answering 2 year old posts, how can you go wrong? Hope you’re enjoying IE11 today!

  17. Brad
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    Looks to help out in IE8 and IE9 but not IE10. I did set the value to 0.1 instead of 0 like webmist suggested.

  18. Nadav
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    Not recommended. This code may cause a display issue, when page has problem loading some inner content such as an embedded iframe. Without it, the page will render and shown correctly, except perhaps for that buggy iframe. But with this code, IE 8 (and probably earlier IEs) will never show the new page, though it is loaded, still displaying the old page (unresponsive) and hence creating numerous visual artifacts.

    So, this trick should really be avoided, but you might be able to create a JS/jQuery alternative…

  19. senthil
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    I am using Ie 11, this piece of code works for me thanks, but same flicker continues in chrome browser.. How can I strop flicker in other browsers too?

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