Start a Web Server With One Terminal Command on OS X

I've searched for this three times this week, so I figured I'd better make sure I have a copy of it:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Navigate to the project directory in the terminal and do that command. Then http://localhost:8000 will server up that directory (as in, it's `index.html` file).


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    Craig Morrison
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    It can be very useful to spin up a quick server.
    php -S localhost:8000 also works in recent versions.

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    Rhys Lloyd
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    Requires installation, but with Node:

    npm i -g http-server

    Once installed, you can run from any directory:

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      I use “http-server” regularly. It is simpler and easy to remember.

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      samar taj shaikh
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      okay i did as you commented in the terminal of my linux OS –

      $ http-server

      but i am getting error as-
      “http-server: command not found”

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      Oh man. Where has this been all my life. This has been an immense time-saver for me, being able to spin up a standalone server for any given directory, pass some parameters — boom, local server to test on. Thanks for posting this!

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    @samar you need to install http-server first:

    npm i -g http-server

    You need npm to install http-server, and to run that npm command you need npm, and to have npm installed you need Node :)

    Install Node
    Install npm
    install http-server

    All 3 of them can be installed with only few lines…

    So google them all.

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