Meta Refresh

The redirects to the provided URL in 5 seconds. Set to 0 for an immediate redirect.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=" />


  1. Robin
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    This will only work if it is enabled in the browser settings. I belief it’s enabled by default but don’t depend on it.

    To be sure, always use a “Click here if it does not redirect in 5 seconds”-link.

    • Kartlos Tchavelachvili
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      Can you tell me were you can disable meta tag(s) in your browser settings? :)

  2. Robin
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    Very easy. If you use Internet Explorer.

    I always use Firefox. But you’ve got to keep in mind that it is possible to disable meta refreshes. That’s why most sites have the “Click here to continue” or “Click here if it does not forward” links.

    En by the way, even while I’m using Firefox, I prefer those links. Most of the times it’s faster to click that link than to wait for their timer to finish and forward.

  3. Kartlos Tchavelachvili
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    Ok, but I think nobody will disable meta tags manually in their browser settings if they do not have special reason for it. In some cases you can not use url redirect(“click here”) or server side code, so this one comes useful.

    • mark luiz
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      bro i just like to say that u r smart as its true most of us will disable meta tags manually in their browser settings if they do not have special reason for it.
      I agree with ur point… Hats off… Bravo…

  4. Kostas

    If someone has meta refresh disabled then I suggest people should use:

    – k0st4s

    • Kostas

      >?php header( “refresh:5;url=YOUR URL” );<

    • John D.
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      Obviously header(“refresh:5;url=YOUR URL”); is a ridiculous and idiotic use of a php function. You can not create asynchronous delayed refreshes in PHP. The header function provides a header which has to be received by the client in the header part of your request. Also the syntax you provided is completely wrong and why would you even assume that html meta tags and php/http headers share a common layout?
      Do NOT listen to this guy. Either he’s a troll or he really is the dumbest person alive.
      It would be better for everybody if his entries got removed.

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