Make IE 6 Crash

This is absolutely NOT recommended for use in any sort of "real" website scenario. It's just kind of funny and interesting.



  1. Euan
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    Very Good I enjoyed it. Might Use it in conditional statement.

  2. Batfan
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    Care to tell us what the result is? Or do we have to guess

    • George Truman
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      It crashes… I think the title explains the result pretty well.

  3. Jay
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    Who on earth still uses IE6? If you look at its number of *known* bugs + vulnerabilities, you will have more joy :)

  4. Khalil
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    Most of the people in our country (Pakistan) uses IE 6 and I heard some Indian saying the same for his country.

    • yamaniac
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      Dude, This isnt a turf war… Stick to webdesign. : )

    • Ahmad Awais
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      dOESN’T seems to me like that but still 40% people are on XP with 20% of ’em having IE6

    • Nick
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      LOL @Ahmad Awais, your numbers are from YEARS AND YEARS AGO… 20% of people on XP DO NOT USE ie6, don’t know where you got that, or if you just made it up, but you need to do some research

    • Tony
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      I work in healthcare advertising and everyone one of our clients requests that sites need to be IE6 compatible, because most people in healthcare are on IE6.

  5. Eliazer
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    can you please crash all IE versions :(

    • Chocksy
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      IE8 is better i noticed that i don’t have to make big changes for it as i used to do with IE7.
      I hope it will get more W3C compliant and it will be all better with IE9.

  6. Adrian
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    All the websites need this code somewhere, this will be an update to internet world and people will be forced to install an update to view the website!

  7. cindy
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    Many large companies still use IE6 because from what I understand MS charges them to update. Can you believe that! What fools.

    Designers for corporate have to design for IE 6,7,8, Firefox : ), Safari, Chrome, it is a pain, only Firefox works as expected.

    • SarmenHB
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      wow what a bunch of idiots. they have the Operating System update cd mixed with patch updates. Those are the companies that are shutting down in this economy for not opening their minds.

    • E M
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      As a Microsoft employee, I can assure you this is not the case. We encourage all of our customers to stay up-to-date as much as they can.

    • Dor
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      You TRAITOR! Nah, I’m just joking :)

      It’s painful for me at my workplace to see the administration using IE6 and not letting me update it for them (“No no, I don’t wanna change anything!”).

  8. Hawke
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    I love how this also crashes the Adobe BrowserLab. It freaked out.

    Tomorrow, I may go to the local public library and set this page as the homepage for every computer in there.

  9. Kevin Groenendaal
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    Absolutely amazing!

  10. Ant

    Ha-ha, I remember when used position:relative to some big block and it caused IE6 always to crash.

  11. Diptanshu

    How about crashing all IE until MS gets it’s act together? What’s with IE8 with the stupid ‘compatibility mode’?

    Increases the amount of work (and code) for those of us who build websites.

    • Andy

      Compatibility mode is for all those hack web designers that used conditional tags like this:

      blah blah

      It’s also nice to develop those IE7 compatible web pages and still keep IE9.

    • Andy

      D’oh… the page took away my markup

      <!–[if IE]>
      blah blah

  12. custom icon design
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    very funny, I tested this for my ie6. it did crashed. but I dont know why? can you explain?

  13. Max
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    If you’re still on IE6, that’s sad.

  14. CiNitTiQs
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    This is indeed a very funny find ;) would love to use it as a web developers prank one day… but… sigh, no, let’s not let this sick mind continue… on the other hand… :D thanks for this funny snippet either way.

  15. ascom
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    I while ago I noticed that if you set the src or dynsrc of an img tag to a .wmv file, the entire system freezes if you view the page in IE8 on Windows XP.

  16. jim
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    Web development is simple. Code for Firefox. Then “<!–[if lt IE ?]>” in code to fix all the stupid IE versions. Life so much easier that way. No need to worry too much about IE6 users stuck in medical fields; they are already used IE6 abuse from Internet anyhow. LoL Any medical apps written and used in-house already take into account the necessary IE fixes needed to work properly so we on the Internet need not worry for them. C’est la vie!

  17. RoberMac
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  18. Greg
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    We should all use this in designs – maybe if enough websites cause it to crash people will finally freaking update.

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