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  1. Chris Radford

    Worth mentioning the html ipsum generator, think it was through a blog post here that I first found it.

    Kitchen sink is very useful for checking that all elements are styled in the css.

  2. John Cross
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    Hi Chris,

    can i copy your lorem ipsum paragraph for my test website?


  3. Jesse Goebel
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    One site which I use to generate lorem ipsum paragraphs is lipsum. You just choose how many words, paragraphs, bytes, or lists you want it to create and then hit generate.

  4. andy

    I created another simple lipsum word generator. Just one single button to generate the text.

  5. Hendra

    I still do not understand, whether it includes Lorem Ipsum duplicate content?

  6. Kevin
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    Hi there,

    I’ve made something useful for html/css developers.

    Lorem ipsum placeholder is an easy-to-use lightweight jQuery-script to easily fill any HTML element with random Lorem Ipsum text on your website for testing purposes.

    Just add the script, add a class with an attribute to any HTML element and the script will paste random Lorem Ipsum words to that element. You can define the number of words in the attribute.


  7. Jitendra
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    How about writing following code to type all your dummy text


    and you will see the magic


  8. Jitendra
    Permalink to comment#

    yep, once code is written with as per your requirement for example: =lorem(2,2)…..(1,3) and so on. Do not forget to hit Enter on your keyboard to see the magic.

  9. lalit

    Hi Jitendra,
    Can you please describe it in bit more brief with working example.
    because am unable to understand that how this (=lorem(1,4) ) work.

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