Get Rid of White Flash when iframe Loads

Hides iframe until fully loaded.

<iframe style="visibility:hidden;" onload=" = 'visible';" src="../examples/inlineframes1.html" > </iframe>


  1. Kartlos Tchavelachvili
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    wow, cool

  2. Sunny Singh
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    Exactly what I needed! Didn’t know this was possible.

  3. Dan
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    Thankee Jesus!!!!

  4. sonja
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    thank YOU!!!!

  5. gabi
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    Why doesn’t it work for me? I have 3 pages with iframes: archive, current and black white series

    When I look in IE 7 or 8 the white box still flashes… ???

  6. The Infinite Loop Blog

    Your code will keep the iframe hidden if javascript is disabled. This one will only hide/show the frame if javascript is enabled.

    //iframe flashes white bugfix with jquery
    //set visibility to ‘hidden’ in the actual page
    $(“iframe”).load(function() {
    $(this).css(“visibility”, “visible”);
    $(“iframe”).ready(function() {
    $(this).css(“visibility”, “hidden”);

  7. R


    Is there any chance you could tell me how/where would I integrate this in Facybox?

    Many thanks

  8. alf
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    works fine !! thx a lot – greetings from austria – jodeldijodeldiö

  9. 135design
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    Any W3C valid solution?

  10. Paul

    Love you. Thats just simple genius

  11. JDPaulsen
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    It does work, however it works only once. After the iFrame-constructed page loads, if you click on a link that it’s supposed to load another page on said iFrame, and because said iFrame is already loaded and hence visible, the white Flash is back.

  12. Kapy
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    struggles with this problem in fancybox for ages,
    go to the fancy box jacked.js

    look for first occurance of “<iframe"

  13. Kapy
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    wont let me post full html:
    id=”fancybox-frame” name=”fancybox-frame’+(new Date).getTime()+'” frameborder=”0″ hspace=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” style=”visibility:hidden;” onload=” = \’visible\’;” scrolling=”‘+e.scrolling+'” src=”‘+d.href+'”

  14. Kapy
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    You need to do 3 things really:
    make iframe invisible, in css “visible:hidden”
    make iframe allow transparency, allowtransparency=”true”
    make the body it displays have a transparent background, “background-color:transparent”

  15. Pest
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    Thank you so much! This works very well! It’s ridiculous how Internet Explorer 9 STILL shows a white background for iframes during page load! Unbelievable.

  16. SW
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  17. rttmax
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    thx. so easy…

  18. Mario
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    Thanks a million. I wasted hours trying to figure this out. A simple solution that works.

  19. migue
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    Thanks!!! I spend almost 2 hours trying to figure out by myself but this helps so much!! thanks

  20. Avi
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    Thanks!!! You helped me a lot.

  21. Trung
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    Awesome! Thanks a ton!

  22. antyal
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    Thank you! This was very helpful.

  23. Abaxsoft
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    Thanks for the code
    i was just going through comment where someone suggested jquery alternative saying that javascript needs to be enable for you solution
    i would like to know how are you going to use jquery is javascript is disabled
    also does anyone has any solution to load iframe inside flash ?
    i am looking for something to save my page from stealing

    • Alex
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      because the hiding is also done with jquery. that means if there is no javascript, it is never hidden and never shown its just “there” with a white flash. however, coding for people without javascript is no longer a valid thing, everyone has javascript enabled but the most paranoid people, and those people are not people u want viewing your site unless u run some kind of conspiracy site LOL. yknow?

  24. Brian
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    Thank you!

  25. Brandon

    Perfect. Thank you!

  26. Booki
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    YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! Thanks a lot, i was searching tooo Long to get rid of this problem! ;-)

  27. Abhigyan
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    Is there any way to load iframe on a higher priority even before loading the css .. ?

  28. AJ Boet
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    Perfect! Short, Simple.. Just Great!

  29. Maria
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    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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