Basic Microformatted hCard

A basic address and URL, marked up using Microformats.

<div id="hcard-Christopher-John-Coyier" class="vcard">
 <a class="url fn n" href="">
  <span class="given-name">Christopher</span>
  <span class="additional-name">John</span>
  <span class="family-name">Coyier</span>
 <div class="org">CSS-Tricks</div>
 <a class="email" href=""></a>
 <div class="adr">
  <div class="street-address">123 Appleseed Street</div>
  <span class="locality">Chicago</span>, <span class="region">IL </span> <span class="postal-code">60647</span>
  <span class="country-name">United States</span>
 <div class="tel">555-555-5555</div>


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    Paul Randall
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    Just used it for the first time myself! It’s worth doing as it gives meaning to the data, and Google is utilising this information

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    Only problem I have with microformats is that is gives the spambots all the goodies they need to annoy us. Without obfuscating the data, I would no sooner use microformats than plain text on my website. Until this gapping crater is fixed, I can’t support this stuff (good idea… bad implementation).


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      You could simply obfuscate the information and then deobfuscate it via javascript.
      Then Spambots cannot use the information.

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    Attila Hajzer
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    Thats funny, the title says hCard. but in the code it says Vcard.

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    Attila, the class vcard is a root class name that indicates the presence of an hCard.

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    I’ve used them widely accross my websites, but since I have’t followed the trend from more than 2 years I would like to ask how they are still popular and widely used?
    Are there any alternatevies like schema or RDFa?

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