PHP Error Logging

Log errors to a file, and prevent showing them to the user. Make sure that the file exists and youre able to write to it.

# display no errs to user
php_flag display_startup_errors off
php_flag display_errors off
php_flag html_errors off
# log to file
php_flag log_errors on
php_value error_log /location/to/php_error.log


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    this is really interesting thank you

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    Where does this code go? .htaccess, a php file?

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    Too bad it won’t work on a lot of web servers because of the restrictive AllowOverride setting :(

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    You can’t set flags in .htaccess if PHP is installed as CGI, only if is installed as Apache Module. Check before with phpinfo();


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    This will remove it from my original var log, cant we log at both place?

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    Just try it for my wp blog and it’s working. This easier mylife to find some errors. Awesome.

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    Thank you for unshared, a very useful

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    Translation Agency
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    If it does not work on many browsers i suppose it can be made possible by adding in some code just like the way we make the browsers be able to read the html5 code for even the ones which do not support.

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    Jonathan Acosta
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    The path at the end of the snippet is absolute on the file system or relative to the DocumentRoot?

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